If you want to know more about fungi you can do no better than work through

the textbook we've written to celebrate the World of Fungi:

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"At last: a university level book on fungi to sit next to the classics of cell biology and biochemistry. Covers evolution, classification, metabolism, culture..." from an Amazon.co.uk customer review in 2015.

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"The content and quality of this book is simply breathtaking! This book is useful for a wide audience. It is not just for the practicing or future mycologist, lichenologist, phycologist, plant biologist, or systematist; it is also ideal for the environmental or health professional. The information on habitat and ecology make the book invaluable as a laboratory and professional aid. The cell biology and genetic information is current and thorough, and offers numerous topics for practical application in research; thus the book is also an important supplement to the cell and molecular biologist's library. Highly recommended." L. Swatzell, in Choice (Journal of the American Library Association).

"It is written in a delightful prose, integrating concepts and interdisciplinary knowledge. 21st Century Guidebook to Fungi combines clear explanation of details with descriptions of big concepts, bringing together interdisciplary areas. The CD is a great resource, and the overall result ia very useful book for fungi aficionados, experts, students, and classroom teaching. This book could become a classic in the field and will be an enjoyable read for anyone wanting to learn more about fungi." Olga R. Kopp, Plant Science Bulletin

"The authors' clear, comprehensible and accurate writing style is just perfect for a textbook. The 21st Century Guidebook to Fungi contains an enormous amount of referenced, up-to-date information about the third eukaryotic kingdom, while following a systems biology approach and strongly emphasizing the interactions of fungi with other organisms and ecosystems ... It has the potential to spark and nourish a many a biologist's interest in mycology - this fasicinating, poorly understood corner of the biological world." Christine Hassler, Lab Times

"This remarkably comprehensive volume will be useful to every scientist and educator whose work touches on the fungi, and it is coming out just as the tsunami of fungal genomes is gathering. This 21st Century Guidebook to Fungi will provide a wealth of background information necessary for interpreting the coming flood of data from various "-omics" technologies in fungal biology." David S. Hibbett, The Quarterly Review of Biology

"This is an innovative text, both in its presentation and its organization. The authors' broad experience and nearly encyclopedic knowledge lend strength and their many years of teaching experience all increase its value. The volume is remarkably well written and well-copy edited. This book is a marvelous effort to holistically integrate mycology into modern systems biology." David Yohalem, in Inoculum (Newsletter of the Mycological Society of America)

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