Fungus: a day in your life




Just imagine a day in your life and the way you depend on fungi every hour of that day. We've imagined that for you and portrayed it in cartoon comic form.



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You can click on the thumbnails above to download the graphics and/or CLICK HERE to download a PDF compendium of all four pages.


As an alternative presentation technique of the same story, we also offer a PowerPoint presentation, but we recommend that you SAVE it to your hard disk rather than open it in your browser (it's about 6 Mb). CLICK HERE to download the PowerPoint file. You will find that the PowerPoint presentation is set up to show the next slide when you click the mouse. In ADDITION, there are a series of notes associated with each slide that explain the background for you. View the notes beneath the slides in MS PowerPoint by setting the "View" (on the menu bar at the top of the screen) to "Normal". ALTERNATIVELY, you can print out all the PowerPoint slides and their notes using the PDF file you can download if you CLICK HERE.


This comic was produced by Phil Elliott.

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