Mushroom farm websites

These sites are run by mushroom farms, and they range from large well-developed sites where you can purchase on-line, to simple pages that just give an address. WARNING this page is not maintained and third-party web addresses MAY BE CHANGED without notice

Smithy Mushrooms
Hello and welcome to the Smithy Mushrooms website! For the first time in the UK it is now possible to buy mushrooms including Wild & Exotic Mushrooms online and have them delivered straight to your door. We hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience.

Walsh Mushrooms
Walsh Mushroom's headquarters are based in Ireland, but has sites in Evesham, England. As well as supplying mushrooms, it also produces compost. This is an extensive, professional site.

The Mushroom Basket
This is a family run business by the Livesey Bros and claims to be the UK's leading producer of Exotic Mushrooms. Livesey Bros first started growing Exotic Mushrooms in 1985 and have since expanded Lowerfields Farm in Packington Leicestershire, to produce a large range of different species of mushrooms all with their own unique flavours and textures.

Snowcap Mushrooms
Snowcap Mushrooms have been growing mushrooms since 1967. Spread across three sites in Cambridgeshire and Leicestershire we grow organic mushrooms in a traditional method, using locally grown organic wheat straw as the base for our organic mushroom compost. From producing the compost to harvesting our first crop of delicious organic mushrooms takes 8 weeks. We grow both white and chestnut organic mushrooms and harvest them all at different stages of maturity to give our customers the choice of baby buttons, closed cups, small open mushrooms, and larger flat mushrooms or Portobello.

Fiddleford Mushrooms
Fiddleford Mushrooms, located in the heart of the Blackmore Vale, is widely recognised as one of Britain's leading growers of fresh, high quality mushrooms. Established in 1988, the farm has grown into a thriving, modern business that is successfully supplying the country's leading food retailers.

Maesyffin Mushrooms
Maesyffin Mushrooms have been growing their award-winning organic Shiitake mushrooms in rural West Wales since 2003. The mushrooms grow on fruiting blocks made mainly from locally-sourced oak and are cultivated in a system developed by Humungus Fungus. The entire process is certified as organic by the UK Soil Association.

Humungus Fungus
Humungus Fungus was established with the aim of developing profitable systems for growing organic mushrooms on a sustainable, low-impact basis. The company has been responsible for pioneering mushroom-growing systems based around shipping containers and other small portable buildings, which make it possible to grow mushrooms in locations where food production has otherwise been deemed difficult or even impossible. The dream of urban food production starts here . . . .

Oakfield Farm Products Ltd
Oakfield have been supplying both wholesalers and major supermarkets with quality fresh mushrooms for 25 years. We operate 365 days a year, aiming to produce the finest conventional and organic mushrooms. Over the years we have expanded steadily, and now have three farms in the UK including an historic cave farm, and one farm in Holland.
Something different on this website! It claims to be the UK's Biggest Fungi Foragers Club for fungi lovers and wild food foragers.

Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms
Something even more different here, neither mushroom farm nor wild mushroom collector, but a supplier of home growing kits. Including: grow your own oyster mushrooms on an old paperback book or on logs in your back garden.

Dofra Foodtec (The Netherlands) and Dofra Foodtec (USA)
Dofra Foodtec is the world largest supplier for manual and automatic watering systems for mushroom growers. Dofra provides both the (mobile) Lorry Automatic Watering System as well as the (static) Pipe Automatic Watering System for mushroom farms. Next to that Dofra also provides smart equipment for manual picking such as automatic picking lorries that move up and sideways along shelves.

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