Representatives of the Pucciniomycotina.

Representatives of the Pucciniomycotina

Representatives of the Pucciniomycotina. A, Jola javensis (Platygloeales) fruiting on Sematophyllum swartzii (photograph by Dr Elizabeth Frieders, University of Wisconsin-Platteville). B, Septobasidium burtii fungal mat completely covering scale insects (photograph by Dr Daniel Henk, Imperial College London). C, Eocronartium muscicola fruiting on a moss (photograph by Dr Stephen F. Nelsen, University of Wisconsin-Madison). D, Yeast and filamentous cells of Sporidiobolus pararoseus. E, Cultures of two Sporidiobolus species. F, Phragmidium sp. (Pucciniales) on Rosa rubiginosa. Modified from Aime et al. (2006) using graphic files kindly supplied by Dr M. Catherine Aime, Louisiana State University. Reprinted with permission from Mycologia. © The Mycological Society of America.

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